Welcome to tomriggs.org

tomriggs.org is (not surprisingly) the website for Tom Riggs. The URL was acquired when Tom ran for the office of State Representative for Washington’s 10th Legislative District, and while Tom is not currently seeking political office, he retains the domain name to utilize for current and future social and political activism.

Tom Riggs Tom Riggs with his heritage pigs Tom at the Washing State Capitol

Tom lives on Camano Island, on 5 acres that he maintains as a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat, and has at various times raised heritage turkeys, pigs and chickens. Tom serves his community on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce, teaches Sunday school at his church, and serves the people of our great state as a Washington State Park Ranger, currently managing Camano Island State Park. Tom is a member of WFSE Local 1466, and has been active in the Democratic Party, serving at various points as a delegate and a PCO, and now as State Committeeman for Island County. Park Ranger, Pig Farmer, Politician… an unusual combination, but that’s Tom Riggs.

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